If my photographs remind you of how you felt on your wedding day, I will have succeeded!

My goal is to tell a visually compelling, unique story of your big day in pictures, from beginning to end. The beauty of a wedding is in the essential, finer details! From the moment you start getting ready, to that last champagne-fueled shimmy on the dance-floor, I will be there to record your happiness.

My main focus is the people: I prefer candid to staged shots, and love to use those moments to capture the light and love of the day. Of course, I am also there to take those epic couple-shots surrounded by gorgeous scenery at sunset, and I will carefully feature some of the special details of your wedding so that you can remember the smaller touches. So, as well as the ‘scripted’ moments like the vows, and the first kiss, I will strive to tell the smaller stories that sometimes go unnoticed. It’s often the simplest shots that are cherished for many years. To me, weddings are all about the human connections, and it’s these that make the day so special to all of us.

Although I will be close by for the entirety of your day, I do my utmost to blend into the wedding party and not to take on any unwanted attention. Your guests should think that I am a friend of yours – with a camera. During the day, I will not give you any directions: I won’t give you more than a few helpful tips, and I certainly won’t ask you to say “cheese!” It’s your day- do your thing and I will be there to document it as honestly as possible.

From a visual standpoint, I do not follow any trends. My hope is that my photos convey an organic, film-like grace, as in my opinion, digital images have a more impersonal feel to them. If you love real film, I am happy to shoot parts of your wedding on medium format film.

So if you are looking for a creative, documentary wedding photographer, look no further! I’d love to hear from you so that we can chat about your wonderful story.